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Embark on a journey to a hidden gem nestled near Skrad, where nature unveils its most breathtaking creations. Meet Zeleni Vir and Vražji prolaz.
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Embark on an Adventure at Vražji Prolaz and Zeleni Vir!

Not far from Skrad are two magical natural attractions combined into a unique protected area – the significant landscape of Vražji prolaz and Zeleni vir.

Due to its exceptional and special beauty and geological value, this excursion site was declared a special geomorphological reserve in 1962, covering an area of 200 hectares. In addition to its natural value, this area also hosts the first hydroelectric power plant in the region, Munjara, which was built in 1921.

Vražji prolaz is one of the most beautiful canyons in Gorski kotar, about 800 meters long, with sections only 2 meters wide, a result of water erosion over thousands of years, creating an unusual path. The Jasle stream flows through the canyon, which is also the name of the entire nearby forest complex. At the end of Vražji prolaz, 14 meters above the Jasle stream, there is an opening in the rock, the entrance to the Muževa hiša cave. It is about 200 meters long, and at its end, there is a hall with a pond. The cave is a wintering site for the strictly protected horseshoe bat species, which must not be disturbed during cave visits.


Zeleni Vir & Vražji prolaz

Embark on a journey to a hidden gem nestled near Skrad, where nature unveils its most breathtaking creations.
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Zeleni vir is another natural attraction of significant landscape. A stunning 70-meter-high rock formation towers between two forested slopes, with two streams cascading down from its peak. One quickly disappears into a crevice, while the other falls vertically in the form of a waterfall in front of a cave opening with a pond, flowing into the Curak stream that springs here.

Inside the cave is a pond of emerald green color, crystal clear and tranquil waters. The underground source – Zeleni vir, about 50 meters deep at the bottom of the cave, goes unnoticed and is named after the color of the pond it forms.

A special attraction of the reserve, besides the lush beauty of the forest vegetation enveloping the entire landscape, includes the protected species of horseshoe bats and a bird-watching observatory.


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Vražji prolaz

A stunning canyon in Gorski kotar, narrow and beautifully sculpted by water erosion.

Zeleni vir

A breathtaking 70-meter high cliff with a waterfall, showcasing nature's grandeur.

Protected landscape

The area is a unique, protected landscape of significant geological and ecological value.


Historic Hydroelectric Power Plant dating back to 1921, an important industrial heritage site.

Muževa hiša

A cave featuring a 200-meter long passage with a hall and a pond, home to protected bat species.


The reserve is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the protected horseshoe bat.

Hiking trails

Numerous trails for hikers of all levels, offering scenic views and nature exploration.

Emerald pond

A serene, crystal-clear, emerald green pond inside the cave, formed by an underground spring.
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"Nature at Work"

Zeleni Vir is incredible, especially Vražji prolaz which looks like something out of a fairy tale.

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I spent a day at Zeleni Vir, and the peace and beauty of nature completely relaxed me.

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Visiting Zeleni Vir was both fun and educational, especially for my kids who enjoyed exploring nature.

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Informacije o stazi: ovim putem obavještavamo sve izletnike da je zbog nastale štete na infrastrukturi, staza kroz Vražji prolaz prema spilji Muževa hiša zatvorena za sve izletnike.

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